is designed in accordance with Nordic architectural traditions, aesthetics and warmth. It aspires to become a highlight of the city, the place where human innovation meets long- established natural principles.

Kind to both nature & people

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All roads lead to Vilharia

Vilharia is located directly next to the new Ljubljana central station, which brings great transport accessibility.

Thanks to this prime location, Vilharia has access to excellent public transport connection, parking, amenities, and the rest of the country. It is therefore destined to become the centre of a flourishing business hub.

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“Our company was built on the idea that development can be done better. That sustainability is not just a buzzword but a necessity. It was built on the idea that a few dedicated individuals can work together and really make a difference.

In our 10+ years of operation we have revitalized multiple brownfields, built 16 000 m2 of green roofs and completed 11 unique projects.”

Marián Hlavačka CEO, Corwin

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